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Travelling With a Baby – Packing Checklist

travelling with baby

If you’re travelling with a baby for the first time, you might wonder about packing. What should you pack to ensure that both you and your baby have everything you need? We’ve previously put together a guide to packing your hospital bag, and a guide to packing your changing bag. When it comes to packing […]

How To Move Your Baby From an Uncomfortable Position

pregnant belly

During the later stages of your pregnancy, you might sometimes experience odd pains, or feel particularly uncomfortable at times. This might be because your baby’s in an unusual position. So in this post, we’ll discuss some things that might help move your baby from an uncomfortable position. What is My Baby Doing in There? Your […]

Do Reusable Nappies Save Money & How Much Are They?

As Britain faces a cost of living crisis, parents across the country will be looking for ways to save money. If you have a newborn or very young child, you’ll know that one of your biggest expenses is nappies. It probably feels like you’re buying multiple packs of nappies every single week. And they’re so […]

How Often Should I Change a Newborn’s Nappy?

Newborn babies need more nappy changes per day than older babies. But how often should you change your newborn’s nappy? How many times a day is “normal”? How Often Should I Change a Newborn’s Nappy? It’s perfectly normal to change a newborn’s nappy between six and eight times a day. Yet even this is just […]

Hospital Bag – How Many Nappies Do I Need?

Your hospital bag should contain all the essential things you and your baby will need for those first few days after birth, until you’re both ready to come home. Your baby will need nappies right from the start. But how many nappies should you pack in your hospital bag? How Many Nappies Do I Need […]

How To Clean Your Baby’s Eyes, Ears and Nose

What’s the best, safest, and easiest way to clean your baby’s most delicate facial features – their eyes, ears, and nose? Your baby’s skin is very fragile and highly sensitive. So keeping them clean is an essential part of keeping them healthy. And even though they don’t move around much, you’ll be amazed at how […]

Does Teething Cause Nappy Rash?

Nappy rash is just as unpleasant as it sounds – a sore, red rash surrounding your baby’s most sensitive areas. Some parents find that nappy rash gets worse during teething. But before we explore the relationship between teething and nappy rash, first let’s take a look at what nappy rash is, along with some of […]

Choosing The Right Nappies for Night Time

What are the best night time nappies? We have a detailed guide to what babies should wear to bed. It has information on layers, temperature, sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at choosing the right nappies for night time. What Makes a Good Night Time Nappy? The best […]

Eco-Friendly Baby & Pregnancy Announcement Gift Ideas

Is someone close to you expecting? Or have they recently given birth? In either case, a thoughtful gift is a great way to share your congratulations, and to help them through this wonderful new stage of life! The best gifts for babies and for pregnancy announcements are practical. New parents have so much on their […]

How to Wash Reusable Nappies

How do you wash reusable nappies to ensure they’re as clean, safe and comfortable as possible? Whether you’ve just bought your first batch of reusable nappies and you’re wondering how to wash them, or you’re considering buying reusable nappies and you’re thinking about the practicalities, this is your essential guide to washing reusable nappies. How […]

How To Use Reusable Nappies & How They Work

We get asked a lot of questions about our reusable nappies. Two questions we get a lot are: How do reusable nappies work? And how do you use reusable nappies? We put together this essential guide to reusable nappies to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your baby. What Are Reusable Nappies? […]

How Many Reusable Nappies Do I Need?

If you’ve never used eco cloth nappies before, you might have a lot of questions about how they work. One thing many parents wonder is: How many reusable nappies do I need? With disposable nappies, you can just buy a new pack whenever you need them. But how many reusable nappies will you need to […]