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Jade mummy blogger


Norfolk-based mummy blogger

“Lots of big brand nappies tend to be manufactured with chemicals and don’t necessarily factor in the environmental impact this has. Bambo are dedicated to making their nappies as eco-friendly as possible…. if it’s within your budget I would absolutely be opting to buy these just because in exchange for that the planet is just a little bit greener. (We have tried alternatives such as clothing, but it just genuinely wasn’t and isn’t for us!). Not only that, it’s eliminating so many chemicals from our baby’s backsides and who wouldn’t want that?”

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Mummy Blogger

“Honestly? I absolutely love these nappies. Monkey is prone to nappy rash when he is teething because his skin becomes so sensitive, but the rash went down as soon as we started using them and after a week has completely gone. We have been using the size five nappies and haven’t had one leak since using them, even at night time. I was intrigued to see if this was just a coincidence, so I did an absorbency test with a cup of water. The Bambo Nature nappies actually absorbed more of the water and a lot more quickly compared to the nappies we were using.”

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Mummy Blogger

“What’s really great about these nappies, is you can buy them to last you a certain length of time. Need nappies to last two weeks – covered! Select between one week, two week, or one month packs and you’re all set! Particularly good for holidays away! We started trying them out whilst visiting family as the pack is a really great size – it’s not too big, so packs nicely into the car. They also last really well. The 30 pack easily lasted us a week, and the absorbency is pretty incredible. Plus they mask any smell really well…These nappies aren’t the cheapest, but there is a lot more peace of mind, which considering how many nappies babies go through a little peace of mind for our planet, goes a long way.”

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Mummy Blogger

“We put the nappy on at about 11.30pm and after about 11 hours in her crib, it was 10.30am the next morning before she was ready to be changed…As we removed her clothing, it was all dry. There were no leakages at all and it had contained all of the wee! Her bottom felt quite dry and didn’t feel sticky at all, which was excellent. We were very pleased with its performance!”

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Mummy blogger review on Bambo disposable eco-nappies
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Rebecca Newby

“As a first time Mum, it soon became clear how many nappies we were going to get through with a new baby so I became conscious of choosing a brand which considered its environmental impact. After trying out several leading brands of eco nappies, I was really pleased to find Bambo nappies as they are just as flexible, non bulky and leakproof as any of the other disposables we have used.”


Parenting Blogger

“I found that these nappies really measured up. Firstly, the fit was great…The nappies were thin and light which I loved as I definitely avoid the bulky nappies on the market. The absorbency was fantastic; no leaks and the nappies didn’t feel wet to touch after he’d been in them for a little while so I knew they were protecting his skin. What I noticed straight away is that the nappies had no chemical smell which I find is really rare in most brands and this reflects the fact that the nappies are environmentally friendly and free from chemicals. The design was cute, not overly bright, yet it wasn’t dull. So for me, the Bambo Nature nappies, tick every box.”

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Mummy Blogger

“The nappies seemed to fit really well, no looseness around the legs and a great fit around the waist. We lasted around 4-6 hours per happy which was good for us as Ethan is a juice guzzler at the moment. The nappies seemed comfortable for him, we’ve tried some brands before which have given him a nappy rash but not these. They seemed to absorb well and there was zero leakages, brilliant!
The biggest appeal factor to these is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. They’re made out of organic and ethically sourced materials which is a great selling point for them, and they’re a great product to fit in between disposable and cloth nappies.”

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“After trying the Bambo Nature nappies on our twin girls I can tell you that we were impressed. They were very absorbent and we suffered no leaks for number 1’s or number 2’s thankfully! They fit well on both the waist and legs and the girls seemed comfortable enough in them. The material was soft too. I also noticed that neither of our children suffered any nappy burn which they have done on occasion with a leading brand.”

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Mum of two

“I liked how the elastic in the Bambo nappies felt strong and stretchy. The girls do not like to lay still whilst having their nappy changed and I have often ripped other nappies trying to fasten them. I also liked how they weren’t quite as bulky as other nappies.”

Mum of two lovely girls

“My girls loved the Bambo Nature nappies, they were so soft and we loved the designs on them. I also loved the packaging and how compact they were. I showed them to friends as well and they also thought they were extremely soft as well.”

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