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our most frequently asked questions

Can I use cloth nappies from birth?

Absolutely, our reusable cloth nappies are designed from birth to potty (around 3-15kg). With our fantastic popper system you can always get the perfect fit as your baby grows.

How many reusable nappies will I need?

This all depends on how often you plan to wash them, the age of the child and if you plan to cloth full or part time.

Ideally 20-25 nappies with perhaps a few more than that of the boosters as you may want to double up for a heavy wetter.

Should I  prewash my new nappies and boosters before using them?

Yes, we recommend always washing the nappies and boosters first. Absorbency of the boosters can be fully reached by 8 washes. Remember never to use fabric conditioner as it clings to the fibres so they can’t do their job properly and over time will become less absorbent.

How do I wash reusable cloth nappies?

Reuseable cloth nappies are surprisingly easy to wash and don’t take up much time. You should not over fill your washing machine as the nappies need space to move about to ensure the water can clean properly and agitate them. We recommend around half or ¾ of the drum size. Equally make sure you have enough in the wash. Too little and your machine may not spin properly and can cause too many soap suds.

It’s recommended that you do a prewash cycle without using any detergent. You can do this by doing a cool quick wash cycle to ensure all dirty water has been drained away before doing the main cycle. The purpose of a prewash is to remove any remaining poo as well as the urine from the nappies. This helps ensure the main wash can fully clean the nappy.

Do the main wash at 40 degrees using a non-bio wash powder on a long cotton cycle. It is advised that you do not use fabric conditioner as it can build up on the fibres of the nappies and boosters and limit their absorbency.

How do I dry reusable cloth nappies?

This is totally up to you. Ideally we would recommend drying cloth nappies outside by air drying but you can also use a tumble dryer.

What are boosters & how do the boosters work?

The boosters are the super absorbent part of the nappy. You insert them into the handy pocket within the nappy to absorb wetness and keep baby dry.

Usually you would use one booster, however you can use more for heavy wetters or for nighttime.

Do I need liners?

This really comes down to personal preference. Our bamboo liners are designed to make cleaning and nappy changes simple. You simply place a liner between baby and the nappy, once soiled you can pop the poo into the toilet and either bin the liner or compost it.