Natural Skincare for Mum & Baby

We're soon introducing a range of natural skincare at The Conscious Parent. Our products will be organic, natural, with the right plant-derived, high-quality oils and ingredients, to provide a nutritional aid for you and your childrens skin.

Hair Analysis for Mum and Child

We’re delighted to share that The Conscious Parent will soon be offering Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) for you and your children. This simple, non-invasive test will help you understand your family's mineral levels and any hidden toxic metals. It’s a gentle and non- invasive way to improve the health of both parents and children.

Stay tuned for more details – we can’t wait to share this with you!

Healthy Interiors at home

Coming soon to The Conscious Parent: our "Healthy Interiors" service. Get expert advice and guidance on styling your home with non-toxic paints, furniture, and accessories. Our in-house interior designer will help guide you to create a beautiful, safe environment for your family, free from harmful toxins.

Nutrition Consultations

We're excited to announce our upcoming one-to-one family nutrition consultations.

Our expert nutritionist blends nutritional science and functional medicine to craft personalised plans tailored to your needs. By drawing on ancestral dietary and lifestyle habits, she aims to uncover and address the root causes of symptoms and illnesses.

Whether you're focusing on fertility, pregnancy, children's health, or your own well-being, you'll work together towards your goals with practical, everyday guidance. Stay tuned for more details!