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How To Use Reusable Nappies & How They Work

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We get asked a lot of questions about our reusable nappies. Two questions we get a lot are: How do reusable nappies work? And how do you use reusable nappies?

We put together this essential guide to reusable nappies to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your baby.

What Are Reusable Nappies?

Many nappies are designed to be discarded after use. Reusable nappies are an eco-friendly alternative. Once your baby’s used the nappy, after you wash it and dry it, you can use it again.

Beyond being better for the environment, there are many benefits to choosing reusable nappies over disposable nappies:

  • They can be more cost-effective. Instead of buying new nappies every time you use them,, you can just buy as many disposable nappies as you require. And after this, you may never have to buy any new nappies ever again.
  • They can be more comfortable. Our reusable nappies are made of soft cloth and other bottom-friendly materials. This can make things a lot more comfortable for your baby. And a comfy baby is a happy baby!
  • They can help reduce nappy rash. Our reusable nappies don’t use any chemicals, dyes, or plastics. They’re friendlier to your baby’s skin, which makes nappy rash a lot less likely.

Head here to read our full guide to reusable nappies, and how they compare to disposable nappies.

How Do Reusable Nappies Work?

All reusable nappies work in essentially the same way – once your baby’s used them, you wash them, dry them, then use them again. But there are two main types of disposable nappies, all-in-one and pocket nappies.

All-in-one nappies and pocket nappies work in slightly different ways:

  • “All-in-one” reusable nappies, where you wash the whole thing after use.
  • “Pocket” reusable nappies, where you can add boosters and liners for when you need a bit of extra protection (such as overnight).

All of our reusable nappies are adjustable. They’ll fit your baby from birth until the age of two and a half (so between 3kg and 15kg).

How Many Reusable Nappies Do You Need?

The number of reusable nappies you need will depend on your baby’s age, the number of nappies they get through each day, how often you wash your nappies, and how quickly you can dry them. As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to have between 15 and 25 reusable nappies.

Head here to read our complete guide to deciding how many reusable nappies you need.

How Often Should You Wash Reusable Nappies?

You should wash reusable nappies as soon as your baby’s used them. Get rid of any mess down the toilet, then put the nappies in a dedicated nappy bin. If you have enough reusable nappies in rotation, you should be able to get by with doing a load of washing every other day, with plenty of time to dry.

With pocket reusable nappies, you can often just change the booster layer once your baby’s used their nappy. This will save you from having to change them completely – you can instead just add another booster. You can then wash the used booster, and as they don’t take too long to dry, you should be able to use it again before long.

When Should I Start Using Reusable Nappies?

You can start using reusable nappies as soon as you like! Our reusable nappies are adjustable, meaning they’ll fit your baby from birth. But you should take the time to find out if reusable nappies work for you. It can be time consuming to wash them after use, and if you don’t have sufficient drying arrangements, you might find yourself without nappies when you need them most.

So we suggest you buy a reusable nappy starter pack.

This contains a range of colours and styles, with a good starting supply of boosters and biodegradable nappy liners. With one of these packs, you’ll be able to find out just how many reusable nappies you need for your baby based on how often you need to change them. You’ll also find out just how quickly you can wash and dry your supply of reusable nappies.

And while you and your baby are getting accustomed to reusable nappies, you could have a supply of eco disposable nappies on hand. That way you’ll still have something to use, even if you find you run out our reusables.

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