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About Us

Providing new parents with
advice and information

The Conscious Parent Company is for Mums and Dads who want to make considered choices for their little ones today, to build them a better tomorrow..

When you become a parent your world becomes a noisier place. Not only do you have demands for night feeds, nappy changes and cuddles to contend with, everyone seems to have advice on the best way to do things, the products you should and shouldn’t be using and when you should expect your baby to reach certain milestones.

We created The Conscious Parent Company to be a haven of calm amidst all the noise. It is a little online corner of tranquillity, dedicated to providing parents with advice and information that is all soundly based on fact and products that offer a real alternative to the big brands.

From environmentally friendly Bambo nappies, to skincare, wipes and much more, The Conscious Parent Company aims to bring you products which all have at least one added benefit. They may be organic, made from ethically sourced materials, environmentally friendly, free from chemicals, etc, so that you can rest assured that the choices you make for your child will have a positive impact.

We’ve changed the approach to buying nappies, and rather than you having to do the calculations we’ve worked out how many you’ll need. All our nappies come in a one week, two week or a month’s supply.

We’ve also sourced advice from real mums and dads, who admit that they don’t always get it right, but are happy to share what they’ve learned with you, in the hope that it may be helpful. There’s also a little focus on Mum (sorry Dads) as we understand how important her health and wellbeing is to maintaining a happy and healthy baby.