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Hospital Bag – How Many Nappies Do I Need?

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Your hospital bag should contain all the essential things you and your baby will need for those first few days after birth, until you’re both ready to come home.

Your baby will need nappies right from the start. But how many nappies should you pack in your hospital bag?

How Many Nappies Do I Need in my Nappy Bag?

This exact topic comes up all the time on parenting forums. We’ve read through a lot of them, and it seems that most mums pack between 10 and 20 nappies in their hospital bag. But it is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on two things:

  • The length of your hospital stay – You could be home within a few days. Or you may have to stay for a while longer.
  • Your newborn baby – Some babies simply get through more nappies than others!

The last thing you want is to run out of nappies, so it’s a good idea to pack more than you need – but not so many that you don’t have any room for anything else.

Pack a Second Hospital Bag

Another good idea is to pack a second hospital bag with “emergency supplies”, just in case you need to stay in hospital for longer than you thought. Leave this bag with a friend or relative who’ll be able to bring it to you should you need it. And be sure to include nappies in this emergency bag.

Eco-Friendly Nappies for Newborns

Broadly speaking, there are two types of nappies: Disposable nappies, and reusable nappies. There are benefits and downsides to using each.

If you decide to use reusable nappies, we’ve got you and your baby covered. First read our guide to how reusable nappies work. And then, to give you an idea of how many reusable nappies to bring to the hospital, and how many you’ll need at home, read our guide to washing and looking after reusable nappies.

We sell affordable multi-packs of reusable nappies, which will give you enough for your hospital bag and beyond.

We also sell eco-friendly disposable nappies. A pack of Size 1 Bambo Nature nappies should give you more than enough nappies for those first few days in hospital, with plenty to see you through the first few weeks at home too.

Other Things to Include in Your Hospital Bag

Once you start breastfeeding, it’ll take a short while for your body to adjust to your feeding schedule. And during this period, your breasts might leak milk from time to time. So you might also consider packing absorbent breast pads, to help manage leaks in those early days.

And there will be lots of leaks and other little messes in those early days! So be sure to pack some wet wipes too, for a fast and effective way of keeping things clean while looking after your baby’s skin.

Finally, if you plan to use reusable nappies, you’ll need somewhere to store the used nappies until they’re ready for cleaning. Our wet bags feature two compartments, allowing you to keep clean and dirty nappies separate, making them a great space-saver in your hospital bag.

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