If you’re travelling with a baby for the first time, you might wonder about packing. What should you pack to ensure that both you and your baby have everything you need?

We’ve previously put together a guide to packing your hospital bag, and a guide to packing your changing bag.

When it comes to packing for travelling, the principles are essentially the same: You’ll need to pack everything you and your baby will conceivably need, but not so much that you’ll struggle to carry your luggage.

Also, remember that you’ll always be able to buy certain items when out and about. And bear in mind that there are some things you might not want to pack – such as items that could make a mess, or things you wouldn’t want to lose or misplace.

Travelling With Your Baby Checklist

  • Nappies – use this post to figure out how many nappies you should pack for your trip.
  • Muslin cloths – A versatile and essential item, you can pack quite a few without taking too much space.
  • Baby wipesFor quick cleaning on the go. They’re much more effective than tissues.
  • Medication – Plasters, hand-sanitiser, nappy rash cream, and anything else you might need while on the road.
  • A bottle – If you’re using a combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding, you will of course need a bottle.
  • Breastfeeding accessories – If you’re pumping, you’ll want to pack your breast pump. And in any case, breast pads can help you stay clean, dry and comfortable when you’re nursing.
  • Spare clothes – For you and your baby! You might have to change your baby midway through your journey. And you might have to change yourself, too. So bring something lightweight you can change into in the case of emergencies. You can always change properly when you arrive at your destination.
  • Entertainment – Don’t neglect your own needs! Your baby will hopefully sleep for some or all of a long journey. So bring books or magazines to keep yourself occupied.

Things to Avoid Packing

  • Drinks – You will always be able to buy drinks when you’re out and about. Plus, they’re bulky and heavy, and if they spill in your bag, they’ll ruin everything.
  • Toys – Bring some things to keep your baby calm and happy on the road – not too much, though, as toys tend to be bulky and heavy. And don’t pack their favourite toy. Imagine losing it or misplacing it miles from home…

How Many Nappies Should I Pack?

The number of nappies you should pack when travelling with a baby will depend on a few things:

  • Your baby – different babies have different needs, and their needs tend to change as they get older.
  • How long you’re travelling – a few hours in a car? Or multiple hours by plane?
  • The type of nappy you use – reusable or disposable?

A good idea is to pack one nappy for every hour you’ll be travelling. And then pack a few more on top of this, in case of delays or emergencies.

If you’re using reusable nappies, read our guide to how many you’ll need. You’ll also have to pack at least one nappy wet bag, so you’ll have somewhere to store your used nappies.

When travelling, it might be a good idea to pack some disposable nappies too. That way, you won’t have to worry so much about storing and cleaning your reusable nappies while away from home. You’ll also have a reserve of nappies to use in case your supply of reusables runs out.

Muslin Cloths

Every mum’s secret weapon! Muslin cloths are particularly useful when travelling. You can use them as boosters in reusable nappies, as burping cloths, for mopping up spills, and even as light blankets. Plus, they’re compact, so you can pack as many as you need without taking up too much space in your luggage.

We sell eco-friendly bamboo muslin cloths in sets of five, so you can stock up ready for your journey.

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