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How Often Should I Change a Newborn’s Nappy?

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Newborn babies need more nappy changes per day than older babies.

But how often should you change your newborn’s nappy? How many times a day is “normal”?

How Often Should I Change a Newborn’s Nappy?

It’s perfectly normal to change a newborn’s nappy between six and eight times a day. Yet even this is just a rough estimate! It can vary from baby to baby, and even from day to day. Sometimes, you might feel like all you ever do is change your newborn’s nappies.

Newborn babies have weak bladders and small stomachs, and they need a lot of milk in those early weeks and months.

Anything that goes in will eventually come out again. And for newborn babies, it can come out much sooner than it can in older babies.

But it won’t always be this way. The number of daily nappy changes will decrease as your baby gets older. The older they get, the better they’ll be able to retain any liquids they ingest.

Also, your baby will eventually establish a regular pattern, which will make nappy changes less unpredictable, and less regular.

How Will I Know When To Change My Newborn’s Nappy?

You should change your newborn’s nappy as often as possible. Ideally after every feed, and immediately after they fill their nappy. Most babies become agitated when they’re sitting in a dirty nappy. Their crying, along with the smell, will make it very clear that it’s time for a change.

Should You Change Nappy After Every Wee?

Not all babies get agitated by wet nappies but you should change it as soon as possible if it feels damp. They may not cry, so you may have to regularly check your baby’s nappy for wetness.

If you leave your newborn in a wet or dirty nappy, not only will it agitate them, it could also lead to skin irritation and nappy rash.

Be sure to read our full guide to nappy rash, and how to prevent it.

Getting Through Too Many Nappies?

As you’ll be changing your newborn’s nappy up to eight times a day, you’ll soon find you’re getting through more packs of nappies than you might have thought possible. The costs can soon add up!

But if you make a switch to reusable nappies, so long as you take care of them properly and keep on top of your cleaning and drying routine, you may never have to buy another pack of nappies ever again.

Reusable nappies can be a lot more cost-effective than disposable nappies. But this isn’t their only benefit. As they’re made from soft natural materials, with no harmful chemicals, they can be more comfortable for your baby. There’s less risk of skin irritation and nappy rash too.

You can read our full guide to the pros and cons of reusable nappies vs. disposable nappies.

How Many Nappies Should I Buy For My Newborn?

If you decide to make the switch to reusable nappies, you might wonder just how many you need. After all, if your newborn’s getting through up to eight nappies a day, how many should you buy to ensure you’ll always have a fresh nappy to change them into?

To understand how many reusable nappies you should get for your baby, read our full guide to washing and drying nappies.

Finally, if you’re ready to make the switch, be sure to browse our full range of comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly reusable nappies.

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