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Eco-Friendly Baby & Pregnancy Announcement Gift Ideas

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Is someone close to you expecting? Or have they recently given birth? In either case, a thoughtful gift is a great way to share your congratulations, and to help them through this wonderful new stage of life!

The best gifts for babies and for pregnancy announcements are practical. New parents have so much on their plates already, so getting them something useful gives them one less thing to worry about.

At the same time, these days we’re all thinking about the impact our actions have on the environment. So the ideal gift for babies and pregnancy announcements isn’t just useful – it’s also green.

Whether you’re buying for a baby shower or a newborn, in this post we’ll explore some of the best eco-friendly baby and pregnancy announcement gift ideas.

What Makes a Baby Product Eco-Friendly?

When looking for eco-friendly baby and pregnancy announcement gifts, there are a few things you need to look out for:

  • Don’t by stuff made from plastic, and avoid anything that contains harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. Instead, look for things made from sustainable materials including paper, wood, bamboo, and silicone. Pay attention to the packaging too.
  • Manufacturing and Delivery. Where were the materials for the product sourced? Obviously you can’t learn everything about a company’s supply chain. But companies that use ethical and sustainable manufacturing and delivery practices will usually shout about it.
  • Life cycle. How much use will the parents and the baby get from the product? And when they no longer need it, will they be able to pass it on to other new parents? If not, will they be able to recycle it?

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best eco-friendly baby and pregnancy announcement gift ideas.

Eco Friendly Pregnancy Announcement Gift Ideas

Our eco-friendly gift ideas for baby and pregnancy announcements fall into a few different categories, including:

  • Eco-friendly toys
  • Sustainable clothing
  • Food and drink gifts
  • Gifts for bathtime
  • Eco gift boxes
  • Nappy gift sets

We’ve brought together some of our favourites, to help you find the perfect gift.

Eco-Friendly Toys for Babies

Toys make great gifts for babies for two reasons. First, they’re fun for the baby! But on top of that, the toy might become a cherished favourite, which will really strengthen your connection with the baby and their parents.

Many baby toys are made from plastic. But the good news is that it’s very easy to find eco-friendly baby toys.

Head here to read our complete guide to the best eco-friendly baby toys.

Sustainable Baby Clothes

Have you had children of your own? If so, the most eco-friendly way to give the gift of clothes is to pass on your old baby clothes. The new parents can later pass on the same clothes to other new parents, and so on. So there’s no need to buy anything new, and no need to throw anything away!

But if you want to buy something brand new, you can easily find baby clothes that are hand-made from sustainable materials.

Take a look at this organic cotton playsuit, for example. Or this adorable soft wool newborn hospital hat.

Some brands offer an entire range of eco-friendly baby clothes. Take a look at Tilly and Jasper and Hugo and Mefor starters.

Food and Drink Gifts for Babies

We don’t mean food and drink products! We mean things the baby can use to eat and drink with.

This all-bamboo elephant-shaped plate isn’t just cute and sustainable. It’s also extra-safe. No matter how warm the food is, the plate will stay cool to the touch, so there’s no risk of burns. Bamboo also happens to be an antibacterial material, which will make for healthier and more hygienic meals.

You could also consider this silicone toddler weaning set, for when the baby’s a little older. It contains various things that’ll help the baby learn to eat independently. But as it comes with a waterproof catch bib, it’s could also be useful for newborns.

Gifts for Bath Time

These 100% cotton crochet face scrubbies make a great eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads and wipes. They’re super soft and perfect for sensitive skin. They’re available in a range of colours and they’re also super cheap – so why not buy a set of them?

If you’re buying a gift for a newborn or a pregnancy announcement, you could think of the mother as well as the baby. So how about these vegan bath bombs, loaded with skin-softening essential oils and available with a range of soothing scents?

Also be sure to check out our range of eco-friendly baby bath time products.

Eco-Friendly Baby Gift Boxes

There are many eco-friendly gift box ideas for babies and new parents.

We like this sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free gift set. It’s totally plastic-free, and it includes vegan soap, organic cotton muslin, an organic cotton hat and mittens, and even a card to record the baby’s first important details.

There’s also this eco-friendly gift box featuring treats for both mother and baby. As well as soap, body butter, a swaddling cloth and essential oils, it also includes some wildflower seeds – so some bee-friendly flowers can grow along with the baby.

For more ideas, Really Eco Baby stocks a full range of eco-friendly gift boxes.

Nappy Gifts & Sets

Babies get through a lot of nappies. This is one area where new parents will be particularly grateful of all the help they can get!

Many nappies are made from artificial materials that take years to breakdown in landfills. They also tend to contain harsh chemicals which can be pretty unfriendly to a baby’s sensitive skin. But it is possible to buy eco-friendly nappies, which often have the added benefit of being more comfortable for babies.

When it comes to eco-friendly nappies, you have a choice between disposable and reusable. There are pros and cons to each, so head here to read our complete guide to disposable and reusable eco-friendly nappies.

The question is, which type of eco-friendly nappy would make for a better gift? A few packs of eco-friendly disposable nappies would work well. But a starter pack of reusable nappies could be the gift that keeps on giving – it could mean that the new parents never have to think about buying nappies ever again!

Yet switching completely to reusable nappies may be a decision for the parents to make themselves. But there are plenty of helpful guides on our site to help support new parents with this decision:

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