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Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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What’s the best way to announce your pregnancy over Christmas, or through the winter?

In this post we’ll explore some fun and meaningful Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas.

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Who Are You Announcing Your Pregnancy To?

Know your audience!

Planning on telling your parents that they’re about to become grandparents? Then you’ll probably want to do something classy or sentimental.

But if you’re planning on telling your existing children that they’re going to have a new brother or sister, then you might choose something more fun and magical.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Cards

Christmas cards are straightforward and affordable, yet highly impactful. They don’t even have to be physical cards either. You can buy special personalised graphics to post on social media.

Some Christmas pregnancy announcement cards are funny:

Others are a bit more stylish, and a lot more personalised. For example, you can add a picture of your first ultrasound to a card. Or you can put the pregnancy announcement behind a surprise scratch-away heart.

In fact, Christmas pregnancy announcement gift cards seem to be very popular!

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are a great way to announce your pregnancy, as they can take pride of place on your Christmas tree for years to come. Every year, you and your family will get a beautiful reminder of that magical time when you first found out you had new life on the way.

There are loads of options out there for personalised pregnancy announcement Christmas decorations.

You can put your first scan on a bauble, perhaps with a message attached, such as “I can’t wait to meet you!” Or you can have your own snowman family to hang from the tree. Also take a look at these highly-personalised family portrait baubles.

We also really like this decoration, designed with grandparents in mind: “I can’t wait for our first cuddle.”

Pregnancy Announcement Christmas Jumpers

You can’t beat a big comfy Christmas jumper. And if you want to announce your pregnancy in style this Christmas, you have loads of options.

Santa Baby and Merry & Pregnant are popular messages. Or for a variation, “Merry Christmas. Also, I’m pregnant.”

There’s also lots of his-and-hers clothing options to choose from. Your partner can wear a “Merry and Drunk” top to go with your “Merry and Pregnant” top. Or you can both wear these matching “Jingle Belly” and “The Man Behind the Belly” tops.

A Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot

So what are you going to do once you have your new matching Christmas outfits? Take a photo to share with friends and family, of course!

It could be a general photo with the two of you stood by a Christmas tree, or in a snowy field, allowing for the clothing to do the talking. Or you could make things a bit more tender, with the two of you wearing matching Christmas pyjamas perhaps with your hands on your bump. You could even announce your pregnancy with a photo of you holding up a small baby onesie!

Once you have your Christmas pregnancy announcement photo, you could put it on a card, or on a Christmas decoration. Or you could simply post it to social media.

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