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Easter Pregnancy Announcement & Gender Reveal Ideas

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In many ways, Easter is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy, or to put on a gender reveal idea. This is the part of the year when everything feels fresh and vital, so it’s just the time to celebrate new life!

In this post we’ll talk about some ideas for Easter pregnancy announcements and some Easter gender reveal ideas.

Choose Your Audience!

Who are you announcing the pregnancy to?

If you’re telling your parents that they’re going to be grandparents, then you might want to do something stylish, sentimental, or classy. But if you’re telling your existing children that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister, then you’ll probably want to do something a bit cuter and fluffier.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents

Have you ever heard of a pysanka? It’s a painted Easter egg from the Ukraine. The word “pysanka” means “to write”. So as you might have guessed, the idea is to write a meaningful message and present it to a loved one.

Traditionally, Ukrainians inscribe their pysankas with beeswax, and surround the message with natural, geometric, and other traditional designs.

If you’re feeling creative, you could make your own pysanka to let your parents know that they’re going to be grandparents. Think about the sort of message you could inscribe. You could go for something simple, like “you’re going to be a grandparent!” Or you could make it a pun, with something like “egg-specting.”

You can buy a set containing everything you need to make a pysanka on Etsy. You could also buy a personalised gift box in which to present your egg.

Don’t have time to make your own pregnancy announcement Easter egg? Don’t worry! You can also buy ready-made Easter egg pregnancy announcements.

Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Children

Want to tell your children that they’ll be getting a new little brother or sister?

Why not put on an Easter egg hunt? Dye some eggs in multiple colours, and hide them around your house and garden (or around an outdoor place near you, if you haven’t got a garden). Write different words on different eggs so that your child will be able to piece a message together when they’ve collected them all. It could be something as simple as “Big Bro!” or “Big Sis!”

To make things extra fun, you could even get some clues printed for your Easter egg hunt. Here’s one on Etsy for an indoor Easter egg hunt, which comes with some blank cards for your own messages.

But if your child’s a bit younger, maybe they’ve not learned to read yet, or maybe they might not work out the clues. In which case, you could get them a cuddly lamb or a cuddly Easter chick – personalised with words of your choosing to introduce your child to the idea that there’s new life on the way.

More Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Maybe you just want to tell the world that you’re pregnant!

You and your partner could wear Easter-themed his-and-hers pregnancy announcement t-shirts. Or you could get a cute, colourful Easter pregnancy announcement sign: “We’re egg-specting some bunny to hatch!”

If you’re looking for something for social media, there are also plenty of digital Easter pregnancy announcement ideas, some of which allow you to upload a picture of your pregnancy scan.

Easter Gender Reveal Ideas

You can easily adapt most of the ideas we’ve shared above for an Easter gender reveal. Just change the messaging! Write “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl” on your pysanka, for instance. Or make your Easter egg hunt into a gender reveal Easter egg hunt.

Maybe hide a golden egg filled with colourful confetti as part of the hunt. Whoever finds it will be the first to learn the gender!

You can buy a gender reveal bath bomb and call it your gender reveal Easter egg. Film yourself throwing it into the water, and the swirling colours can reveal your baby’s gender.

Finally, for almost everyone, Easter is a time for eating something sweet. So why not bake a cake – or hire a baker to bake one for you – with a delightful Easter theme? Use pastel colours for the icing, and put small Easter chicks or Mini Eggs on the top. And your baby’s gender could be revealed by the layer of icing in the middle.

Tell Us Your Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas!

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