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BabyDam Fitting Guide

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BabyDam Fitting Guide

The BabyDam is designed to fit any standard, straight-sided, P-shaped or L-shaped UK/Euro household bath and a non-textured bottom.

How to Fit the BabyDam

  1. Wet the suction pads
  2. Don’t worry about bending the BabyDam. The unique blend of materials used in manufacture makes it super tough.
  3. Hole BabyDam, as shown above, with you palms facing up and thumbs to the front of the faceplate. Line up the BabyDam in the bath above the position where you wish to locate it.
  4. Making sure your BabyDam is square within the bath, pish down firmly on the curved handles to flatten the rubber gasket and create an effective seal.
  5. Push down firmly on each of the suction platforms to ensure the pads are stuck to the bottom of the bath.
  6. To ensure the rubber gasket lip is completely flat, run your finger around the front and rear of the gasket to check for a perfect seal.
  7. Fill the bath to the required depth.
  8. After bathing, always empty water before releasing the suction pads.
    Release suction pads one by one by pulling each tab upwards to break the seal.
    Without letting go of the pull tab, lift that side of the BabyDam free from the bottom of the bath with your other hand.
    Repeat this process to free the other suction pad.
    Ensure both suction pads are free before removing BabyDam from your bath.


Note: When cleaning BabyDam – Never use abrasives. Only clean with warm water and towel dry after use.

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