All of your ovarian activity stops during pregnancy. This means that, among other things, you’ll stop having periods while you’re pregnant.

After birth, you’ll eventually start ovulating again so you’ll soon start having periods once more. It also means you’ll be fertile – you can get pregnant again surprisingly soon after giving birth!

How Soon Do You Ovulate After Birth?

Ovulation can start as little as three weeks following your birth. But if you’re breastfeeding, you might not start ovulating again until around 45 to 94 days postpartum. This is because, while you’re breastfeeding, your body will produce a hormone known as prolactin. Prolactin can inhibit some of the hormones that contribute to ovulation.

What Are Anovulatory Cycles?

Some women experience anovulatory cycles before they begin ovulating again after birth. This is a menstrual cycle without the release of an egg.

Read our full guide to what you can expect from your monthly cycle following birth. But remember that all women are different! So if you have any questions or concerns about postpartum menstruation or ovulation, talk to your doctor or midwife.

Signs of Ovulation After Giving Birth

So how can you tell if you’ve started ovulating again? Look for these signs:

  1. Your cervical mucus has a translucent, slippery, egg-white consistency.
  2. Your lowest resting body temperature increases slightly.
  3. Breast pain, or ovulation pain – which you’ll feel in your abdomen or lower back.
  4. A bloated feeling, along with the pain.

Ovulation always precedes menstruation in your monthly cycle. Even if you haven’t had your first period yet following your birth, you may still be ovulating. As a result, you can get pregnant again as little as three weeks following your birth.

If you intend to start using birth control again – whether it’s contraceptives or a pill – talk to your doctor or midwife – particularly if you’re breastfeeding. They can recommend a technique that won’t interfere with your nursing.

Further Guidance For Postpartum Women

You’ll find plenty of guides on our site to help you through your first few postpartum months:

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