How to save money and the planet

homemade potpourri save money and the planet

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save money and the planet

16 Ways to Save Money and the Planet
There are so many different ways we can both save money and reduce our impact on the planet. By reusing and reducing in our everyday lives, we can help reduce our carbon footprint.

  1. Replace kitchen roll/paper towels with washable fabric squares. I have made mine out of old pyjamas, and just cut them up no is sewing required. Keep them folded in a little basket under the sink ready to go.
  2. Buying seasonal fruit and vegetables when there is an abundance of produce – the prices are at their lowest. October in the UK means apples, pears, beetroots, broccoli, butternut squashes, carrots, and marrows are all easonal at the moment.    seasonal veg save money and the planet
  3. Slow cookers and microwaves use much less energy than conventional ovens.
  4. Save money and plastic pollution by using a reusable water bottle and making a packed lunch every day. Most coffee shops also offer a discount if you bring your own coffee cup. You could save money for a holiday instead of buying your daily coffee!
  5. Don’t buy air fresheners; open a window to air your home. Make your own scented potpourri from cut flowers. Simply hang your cut flowers to dry, once dried rub the stems to release the dried flowers over a bowl, place in pots of your choice and add a few drops of essential oil. Save money on Christmas presents by gifting homemade potpourri.
  6. If you buy your bread in plastic bags, use the bags again and again. They make great freezer and fridge bags. No need to buy sandwich bags anymore.
  7. Reduce your impact from animal agriculture by eating vegetarian meals, meat costs more. Try meat free mondays.
  8. Use reusable food wraps, or washable plate covers to keep food covered.
  9. Save money on your energy bills, wash laundry at 30 degrees using eco soap nuts, and homemade fabric softener. To make the softener mix 10-15 drops of essential oils or laundry perfume with a small capful of white vinegar for each wash.
  10. Line dry your clothes and in colder months use an indoor clothes airer placed in the warmest part of your home. Mine is on the landing upstairs, it’s out of the way and the warmest place. I sometimes use an eco dehumidifier, it is very efficient to run and draws the moisture from the air caused by condensation from wet washing, cooking and showering.
  11. Turn your thermostat down by one degree; get all your family in the habit of layering up with jumpers, fluffy socks and slippers. Use cushions, blankets and throws on the sofa, creates a very cosy home. Turn radiators down in the rooms you are not using. Cuddles are warm and free!
  12. Have your own personal towel colours, this way towels can be used more than once. Saving water, energy, and detergent.
  13. Give up make up removal wipes, use old fashion washable face flannels. These can be colour coded per family member too.
  14. Try out a menstrual cup or reusable pads, they initially cost more but it doesn’t take many months to recover the costs and start saving.
  15. Save water and energy by turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, by taking shorter showers and less baths. Wash your hair less, swap out shower gels and liquid soap for soap bars.
  16. I am sure we all have a selection of reusable bags, keep them in obvious places so you don’t forget them. In the car, at work, in your handbag, and if you do forget ask for a box to carry your groceries. Never buy a bag again.homemade potpourri save money and the planet

Want to save money? Check out our amazing Babydam. By shrinking your bath, this easy-to-fit barrier will help you run baths more quickly, use less water and reduce your heating bills. Save up to 56 litres of water per bath. Imagine what you would save in a year!

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