When and How to Start Using a Birthing Ball

Many women use birthing balls in the mid to late stages of their pregnancies. But if you’ve never used a birthing ball before, you might be wondering when’s the best time to start using one. So in this post, we’ll explore the best time to start using a birthing ball. We’ll also take a look […]

How Many Scans During Pregnancy in the UK?

Ultrasound scans give you a picture of how your baby’s developing in your womb. As they have no side-effects on either you or your baby, you can safely get a scan at any stage during your pregnancy. If you’re a first-time mother, you might have some questions about the scans you get during pregnancy. So […]

What Cheese Can You Eat When Pregnant?

Some expectant mothers avoid eating cheese completely when pregnant.  This is because some dairy products contain Listeria bacteria, which can lead to an infection called listeriosis. In pregnant women, listeriosis can make your baby very unwell. In serious cases, it can even result in miscarriage or stillbirth. But some cheese is perfectly safe to eat. […]

Easter Pregnancy Announcement & Gender Reveal Ideas

In many ways, Easter is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy, or to put on a gender reveal idea. This is the part of the year when everything feels fresh and vital, so it’s just the time to celebrate new life! In this post we’ll talk about some ideas for Easter pregnancy announcements and […]