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What To Put in a Baby Hamper For New Parents

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Baby hampers make thoughtful gifts for new parents. Rather than presenting a single larger gift, with a baby hamper you can instead give new parents a collection of smaller items, all lovingly presented in a beautiful box or basket.

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a baby shower, or you just want to send something nice to some new parents in your life, in this post we’ll discuss the best things to put in a baby hamper for new parents.

Practical Baby Gifts for New Parents

New parents need to buy a lot of practical baby stuff. Every little helps here. The more you can give them in advance, the less they’ll have to worry about.

Here are some good practical items you might include in your baby hamper:

  • Muslin Cloths – These are highly versatile, and a lot more sustainable than wet wipes or tissues. New parents can use muslin cloths for almost anything, from wipes for mopping up spills to light summer blankets. Browse our range of soft, comfortable, and eco-friendly Bamboo muslin cloths.
  • Bibs – Long-sleeved bibs help keep babies clean and dry when they’re eating! Though new parents won’t be using these until their baby’s stopped breastfeeding, they’ll be handy to have once their baby’s ready. Browse our range of waterproof long-sleeved bibs.
  • Nappies – Some parents use disposable nappies. Others go for reusable nappies. There are pros and cons to using each type. But in any case, new parents will doubtlessly be very grateful to receive nappies as part of a baby hamper. We stock a range of both disposable and reusable nappies, along with essential accessories including wet bags. We also stock reusable nappy starter pack bundles, which could act as ready-made baby hampers!
  • Breast Pads – These help new mums stay clean, dry, and comfortable while breastfeeding. Browse our range of sustainable eco-friendly reusable breast pads and accessories.

Toys for Newborns

Beyond the essential practical items, you could add a few toys to your baby hamper. The toy you give might eventually become the baby’s favourite, so it could be something they treasure for years to come!

When choosing toys for your baby hamper, bear in mind the following:

  • Different toys are suitable for different age groups. If you want the baby to be able to enjoy the toy from as early as possible, make sure you buy something that’s safe for newborns. Otherwise, the parents may have to wait a few months or years until their baby’s ready.
  • Certain plastic toys have been found to contain toxic additives. You can ensure any toy you buy is as safe as possible through choosing something eco-friendly that’s made from natural or sustainable materials. For more, read our guide to choosing eco-friendly toys.


Books make great additions to baby hampers. Even the youngest of newborn babies can be soothed to sleep by a bedtime story. But including books can also help new parents build a library for their child which they may value more and more as they get older.

You could include some soft books that are specially designed for newborns and young babies. Or you could include some beloved books from your own childhood. When the baby’s old enough to read them, they may ultimately treasure these books as much as you did.

Something For Mum and Dad

As well as including fun and practical things for the baby in your hamper, you could also include some things for the parents:

  • Chocolates
  • Tea
  • Parenting advice books
  • Skincare sets
  • Slippers
  • Pyjamas

These are all things designed to help new parents relax and take it easy – something that doesn’t come easy to many new parents!

Something Personal

Finally, you can’t beat the personal touch.

Whether it’s a personalised bedtime story book, a handmade memories box, or a personalised print, these are the sort of deeply personal gifts that could stay in the family for years.

Depending on how well you know the new parents, you could also put together a photo album. The first half could include photos of you and the parents, showing the highlights of your relationship up until this point. But you could leave the second half blank, so that the new parents can continue the story with pictures of their new child.

Ready-Made Baby Hampers From The Conscious Parent

We stock special bundles of reusable nappies and accessories, which provide everything a new parent needs to take a more sustainable approach to parenthood.

Browse our complete range of reusable nappy bundles.

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