How to change a disposable nappy

How to change a disposable nappy

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Struggling to work out how to change a disposable nappy? You are not the first and certainly won’t be the last. When it came to changing my first nappy it wasn’t very successful. In fact, I ended up with my elbow in a nappy full of poo – don’t ask.

Since then, I have found that changing a disposable nappy can be a quick and easy process for you and your baby, so long as you prepare properly and are aware of the steps you need to take.

Just follow this 15-step process for how to change a disposable nappy:

1. First, clean your hands and dry them thoroughly to minimise the chances of you transferring any bugs or bacteria How to change a disposable nappyby touch to your baby.

2. Make sure that the area where you are going to change your baby’s nappy is warm, clean and safe. If you are laying your baby on a bed or the floor to change them, make sure you use a towel or changing mat. If you are using an elevated surface such as a bed or changing table, you need to take real care not to allow your baby to wriggle off and fall, so keep a hand on them at all times or use the changing table strap to secure them.

3. Be prepared before you start – there is nothing worse than realising you haven’t got a nappy bag ready when you have a dirty nappy in one hand and a wriggling baby in the other! So make sure you have the following to hand before you start changing the nappy:

a. Disposable nappy
b. Disposable wipes or a washcloth dampened with warm water and unperfumed soap
c. A cloth to dry your baby’s bottom, unless you can wait for it to dry naturally
d. Nappy rash cream (if your baby is likely to need it)
e. A nappy sack in which to put the soiled nappy and any disposable cloths

4. With your baby lying down, unfasten the tabs on the side of the nappy and fold them over to prevent them sticking to you or your baby.

5. Leaving the nappy in place, pull down the front half of the nappy and use it to wipe away the bulk of any poo around your baby’s bottom.

6. Take both of your baby’s ankles in one hand and gently lift your baby’s bottom high enough for you to fold the front half of the nappy over the back half, ensuring the clean side stays uppermost. Remove the dirty nappy and put it to one side.

7. Before cleaning any more poo away, wipe the front of your baby’s bottom half with a damp cloth. With girls it is important to wipe from front to bum to prevent bacterial infection.

8. Next, clean away any remaining poo with a damp cloth, making sure to clean the creases of your baby’s bum and thighs.

9. Dry your baby’s bottom with a towel or leave it to dry naturally. At this stage, if your baby needs it, apply the nappy rash cream.

10. Open up a new nappy and lay your baby on the back half, with the tabs out to the side and the back of the nappy coming to waist height.

11. Lay the front of the nappy over your baby’s tummy – if your baby is a boy point his penis down to stop him weeing over the top of the nappy. Also, if your newborn has an umbilical stump that has not yet dried out and dropped off, fold the nappy edge down so it does not cover it.

12. Try to spread the area of the nappy between the legs as wide as possible to minimise chafing.

13. Fasten the nappy using the tabs on either side, making sure that the nappy fit is snug but not tight and that the tabs are not sticking to your baby’s delicate skin.

14. Dispose as much of the poo as possible down the toilet, put the disposable nappy and any used wipes in a nappy sack and throw them in the bin.

15. Finally, clean your hands thoroughly. That’s it – you’re done! Now time for play and cuddles!

If you have found the above tips have given you some useful advice on how to change a disposable nappy, you might also want to click here for advice on nappy rash.

If you are also currently looking into different brands or types of nappies, why not view our range of gentle and absorbent eco-nappies from Bambo Nature – just click here. If you are UK based, we can even send you a couple of free sample nappies for you to try out and see what you think.

Now you know how to change a disposable nappy, fitting a Bambo Nature nappy should be like child’s play!

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