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Bambo Nappies

A look at our lovely partners at Bambo Nappies—natural nappies free from harmful chemicals, ensuring safety for your baby and the environment.

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Non-toxic, natural nappies for your baby from Bambo Nappies

We chose Bambo Nappies, because they fit perfectly with our philosophy. Natural. Non-toxic. Honest.

We prioritise quality and safety for our children, and Bambo ticked all the boxes with their excellent materials and awards. We use these nappies on our own kids, confident in their quality and safety.

Baby in Bambo Nappy from Abena Bambo Nappies

Nappy Quality & Testing

Extensively tested

Bambo Nappies uphold stringent quality standards, ensuring each product is safe and effective for babies.

Their ethical policies focus on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials that protect both your child and the environment.

Bambo ensure their products are safe for your child’s health, skin, and the environment.

All of their nappies and pants are dermatologically tested and certified by several official certification organisations.

Nappy Materials

Carefully selected materials, no added nonsense!

The wood fibers in the absorbent core of every Bambo Nappy, known as “fluff,” are a soft, absorbent material sourced from sustainable and well-managed FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified forests.

Bambo ensure that no more trees are felled than the forest can naturally regenerate. For your baby’s safety, the fluff is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).

Baby being tickled by Mum in Bambo Nappies from Abena
Toddler in Bambo Nappies laughing with mum

Awards & Accreditations

Bambo standards and accolades

Bambo Nappies have received numerous awards and certifications, recognising their commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.

These accolades include certifications for eco-friendliness and product safety. Notably, Bambo Nature diapers are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, ensuring they are free from harmful substances.

At The Conscious Parent, we’re proud to offer Bambo Nappies, crafted with love and care in Denmark, following Nordic traditions for sustainability. These nappies are completely free from harmful chemicals and perfumes, reducing the risk of allergies and nappy rash, and ensuring a safe, gentle experience for your baby.

At The Conscious Parent, we value the EU Ecolabel, also known as the EU Flower, for its rigorous environmental standards. Bambo Nappies, proudly bearing this label, meet stringent criteria for raw materials, production, use, documentation, and safety. This certification ensures that our nappies are not only safe for your baby but also kind to the environment.

At The Conscious Parent, we proudly feature Bambo Nature nappies, guaranteed to be environmentally friendly by the Nordic Eco-label. Achieving this certification involves a thorough examination and significant documentation. Bambo Nature products meet strict criteria, including containing no optical brighteners or perfumes, limiting production waste, avoiding moisturising lotions, and using renewable raw materials. The Nordic Eco-label assures you that these products are safe for your child and kind to the environment.

At The Conscious Parent, we offer Bambo Nature nappies featuring the Asthma-Allergy label from the Danish Allergy Foundation. This label ensures the product is less likely to cause skin irritation, eczema, or allergies. Bambo Nature products contain no perfume, colourants, or parabens, and all raw materials are evaluated by toxicologists. We understand the preciousness of childhood and Bambo Nature’s R&D team is dedicated to addressing specific skincare needs for you and your baby.

At The Conscious Parent, we ensure Bambo Nature products are dermatologically tested by independent German institutes, ProDERM and ATC GmBH. These tests confirm that the products have no negative impact on the skin, rating them as “neutral to the skin.” Our dedicated R&D team in Denmark continuously tests and searches for new, nature-inspired ingredients to keep Bambo Nature products gentle on your child’s skin.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent certification that tests for harmful substances in consumer products, ensuring they meet strict standards. Established in 1992, it examines over 300 substances, including phthalates, heavy metals, flame retardants, and carcinogenic colorants. This certification guarantees that products are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring safety and quality.

At The Conscious Parent, we trust Bambo Nature products to meet the highest environmental standards set by ECOCERT Cosmos. This certification ensures that from ingredients to packaging, products are eco-friendly. Only those with at least 95% naturally sourced ingredients by weight receive this prestigious certification.

Bambo Nappies Awards & Accreditations

Bambo Nappies Awards and Accreditations
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