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Welcome to the world of two children under two!

two children under two and their parents

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Two children under two? Now that sounds like a lot of work (and nappies!) Emma’s story is easy to relate to. Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and the road to pregnancy is often bumpy! We are so excited to be welcomed to the world of two children under two! Over to Emma. 
After 6 years of trying and 5 miscarriages later I can now introduce to you Jack who is 2 years old and Isla who is 5 months old. Welcome to the world of two children under two!
Our journey of parenthood took us the long way round. We had 50+ hospital appointments to figure out if the issue was me or my husband. Turns out it was neither! We were referred to the fertility clinic to be told I could have Clomid. However, I had to lose weight to qualify for the treatment. That Tuesday evening, I grabbed my mum and told her we were going to “Chub Club” (Slimming World). I was determined to work hard. In the end I lost 3 stone!

‘Then we fell pregnant….’

I went back to our fertility doctor, who said ‘congratulations! you have qualified’. I was allowed the Clomid, and I could take it on my next cycle. We waited and waited and no cycle came. I was getting annoyed. I wanted to start my clomid! My husband told me a was being a snappy cow. Then we fell pregnant naturally!
We welcomed our Jack into the world. A healthy beautiful baby boy. We didn’t ever use my fertility treatment. The hospital put it down to not being able to carry girls. A year after having Jack, I felt a bit crappy and found out I was pregnant again! We had Isla our beautiful baby girl nine months later. 
Part way into my pregnancy my husband’s two children from a previous relationship aged 11 and 8 moved in with us permanently. We had gone from 2 weekend kids, to one permanent and two weekend kids. Then, to three permanent kids and a heavily pregnant mum,  to 4 permanent children.
Our lives got very hectic in such a short amount of time! It has been hard adjusting to all the children but it works.

 ‘You now have to share your time and that is the hardest part I have found there needs to be loads of me’

Its a challenge having two under two. People keep telling me having them close together is brilliant because they will always have a strong relationship. At the beginning it is hard! You feel like you now can’t focus on the one. They can’t have your undivided attention. You now have to share your time and that is the hardest part I have found there needs to be loads of me!
Becoming a mum has been the most rewarding thing I have done. Now I have one of each, and between myself and my husband we have two of each! We are happy our family to complete. No more babies means no more aching feet and back! No more not being able to reach my insanely hairy legs or see my toes!
A few weeks after Isla came into the world myself and my husband took a trip to the doctors and said we wanted the snip. My husband went through with it and we are happy as ever.

 ‘I chose to not feed naturally as I didn’t want a baby attached to me 24/7′

I chose to not feed naturally as I didn’t want a baby attached to me 24/7 and although breastfeeding parents say the baby is not always on them I have my doubts. Yes I am one of those parents!
When my babies were born, I loved the snuggles. But, I also loved putting Jack down after a feed at the hospital at 9pm and he didn’t wake until 4am. I had varying advice when he was first born. ‘You must wake him up to feed him’ and the ones that said ‘he will wake when he was ready’ We went with the latter and I don’t think our little man has turned out too bad! So whichever way you want to parent your child is entirely up to you. Parents are human, sometimes we get it wrong, but you learn from the situation and do things a little different the next time
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