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Tuck in to National Picnic Week

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Enjoy National Picnic Week with scrumptious food, fun games and a ramble around the natural worldIf you are looking for fun things to do outdoors with your little ones this month, then make sure you tuck in to National Picnic Week.

Taking place from 21st to 30th June, this annual celebration invites us to take a big gulp of nostalgia and indulge in that most traditional (and scrumptious) of British Summer pastimes.

So stock up that picnic basket and head off for your favourite picnic spot. Whether it’s beside a loch or at the coast, in a country park or up in the hills, with the sun basking down and a breeze dancing by, we are sure that it will be a fun day out to remember.

In fact, if you have a favourite place where you love to picnic, you can even vote for it at

Just make sure you follow these few simple tips to get the most out of your day:

  • Prepare

For most of us, the first thing we think about when it comes to picnics is what food to pack. Whilst some will prefer more traditional picnics including sandwiches, cake, ginger ale and lemonade, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to what food to take.

That said, it is always good to try and pack some healthy options. Cucumber and carrot sticks can make a very healthy addition to a picnic basket and fruit is always refreshing on hot summer days – an excellent excuse to whip out those strawberries and cream.

Just remember to always take plenty of fluids to stay hydrated during the day and make sure you have some handy wipes available for those sticky hands.

Also, don’t forget the all-important blanket to sit on or there could be some very itchy bums!


  • Protect

Speaking of itchy bums, you might also want to take along some insect repellent. In case of insect bites, you should also make sure that you have some calamine lotion or antihistamine tablets to hand. Also, don’t forget to pack sun hats and sun cream if the day promises to be sunny.

Children’s skin can be very sensitive to the sun’s rays and can burn even on hazy days when the sun is strong.


  • Explore

Taking a break in the great outdoors during National Picnic Week is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature. Get your little ones to explore nearby fields, ponds and woodland.

What sorts of birds and insects can they spot? How many types of wildflower can they find? Perhaps a rabbit will hop out of a thicket or you’ll spot a seal on the beach.

Whatever you find, a post-picnic ramble is the perfect opportunity to get your kids engaged with the natural world.


  • Have fun

If your kids prefer play to exploration, then remember to pack some games for everyone to enjoy. Think frisbees, footballs and kites – anything that you can all have fun with together as a family.

With the kids finally far away from TV, tablets and games consoles, picnics can provide the perfect opportunity for family activities packed with exercise and giggles.

Even if you don’t pack any games, you can still play tag or hide and seek. With younger children you can also go hunting for shells, pebbles, leaves and other objects that you can use for crafts when you get home.


  • Respect

Getting out for a picnic also gives you the chance to teach your children about the importance of respecting their environment.

Make them aware that they should not pick wildflowers as many species are endangered. They should also avoid playing in any cordoned off areas designed to protect endangered species or breeding animals.

If the kids want a camp fire or barbeque explain that these can pose risks of massive fires that can harm wildlife.

You can also make a point of asking them to help you clean up any rubbish at the end of the picnic to make them aware of how abandoned plastic and other trash can pollute or harm the environment.


  • Enjoy National Picnic Week!

Perhaps the most important tip of them all! We’re wishing for some fabulous sunny days for you over this Summer so you can hopefully enjoy National Picnic Week and many more picnics before the Autumn.

If you have any great ideas for picnic food, games or great locations, why not tag us on Facebook or Instagram and share the fun!

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