Big Reusable Nappy Kit in Blue

Product Code LIF5243



We’re waging a war against boring bottoms!

Reusable Nappy Bundles – Find the right system for you

We’ve especially selected our reusable nappy bundles to kit you out with everything you need to find the right system that works for you and your baby.

Try out all the different types of reusable inserts to figure out what makes your baby happiest – whether they need super absorbency, fast-drying or a super thin insert for comfort. Having all of these on hand means you can be prepared for everything – whether that’s super absorbent inserts for night time or the fast-drying charcoal if your baby is suffering from nappy rash.

And you even save an amazing £32! (We’ll always be here for you!)

The Big Reusable Nappy Bundle contains:

4 Marvellous Monochrome and 4 Baby Blue adjustable reusable nappies suitable from 3kg – 15kg (from birth up to 2 and a half).

10 Cheeky Charcoal reusable boosters, quick drying and great of baby suffers with nappy rash.

6 Brilliant Bamboo reusable boosters, absorbent and eco friendly.

4 Handy Hemp boosters, super slimline and sustainable.

3 roll of 100 biodegradable nappy liners, soft on baby’s bum and safe to flush.

Eco-Friendly Reusables with Modern Blue Designs

We love to see babies expressing themselves. Our reusable nappy range will allow them to channel their inner dude or diva.

We’ve put together a collection of funky and fantastic, fashion forward, designs in blue and monochrome, and thrown in an assortment boosters and nappy liners so that you can make a statement every day.

Not the colour you need? Try our Pink Patterned Nappy Bundle or our Jumbo Nappy Bundle which has a full selection of all of our colours.