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Reusable Bamboo Terry Breast Pads – Heart Geo (3Pack)

Product Code LIF5317


Bamboo Terry washable breast pad in Heart Geo.

An essential item for any new mum. These washable breast pads are soft and gentle whilst being very absorbent, ideal for any breast leakages during the first few weeks of post-partum and breastfeeding and beyond. Designed to be larger than the average breast pad to ensure there is no movement whilst wearing, giving you confidence that you will remain dry what ever the day throws at you.

Made from 1 layer of Bamboo terry to be soft and comfortable against sore skin, 1 layer microfiber to increase absorbency and 1 layer Pul in beautiful colourful patterns to make sure you stay dry and avoid any leakages. Each set includes 6 (12cm) washable breast pads in a handy net wash bag.