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Pretty in Pink washable cloth pocket nappies

Product Code LIF5206


Pink isn’t just for princesses!

Our set of four reusable nappies in super cool hot pink designs is perfect for today’s fashion forward mini dudes and divas!

Choose from our fun seasonal-themed modern designs featuring falling leaves, multi-coloured umbrellas and rainclouds.

Cosy Washable Cloth Pocket Nappies for up to 2.5 years

Lined in cosy, absorbent microfibre, you can use them as they are or simply pop one of our inserts into the pocket when you need a booster as your child gets bigger.

All or our washable cloth nappies are fully adjustable, the set will last your little rascal from birth until about 2 and a half (3kg – 15kg), just in time for potty training. Just add an insert when you need more absorbency and use the poppers to get the perfect fit.

Don’t Forgot to Add Cloth Nappy Inserts!

If you don’t already have boosters don’t forget to buy your eco friendly boosters to pop into the pocket nappy. From just £2 each.

If you’ve been using cloth nappies for a while, you might already know what types of insert you want. We have charcoal, bamboo and hemp inserts available to give your baby the extra boost they need, whether it’s super absorbency, fast-drying or slimline comfort. You can choose a selection or just your favourite. Find out more and browse our reusable nappy boosters.

New to reusable pocket nappies?

If you’re not sure where to start, why not try our extra value jumbo bundle starter pack to find the right system for you, or our simple starter pack to try a basic set up.