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Nappy Boosters Super Selection

Product Code LIF5223


We know that no two days, or nights, with your little rascal are the same.

Super Selection of Reusable Nappy Inserts

That’s why we recommend a variety of our boosters with our all in one pocket nappy system and our Super Selection pack is the ideal way to get started and save £5 on buying the individual products!

It will give you the opportunity to try all of our booster and find out what works best for you and in what circumstances.

Charcoal, Bamboo and Hemp Inserts

For example, you might like our Cheeky Charcoal boosters if your little one suffers with nappy rash, they’re also very fast drying which is helpful for those days when it feels like all you’ve done is change nappy after nappy after nappy… don’y worry, we’ve all been there!

You might be a fan of our Brilliant Bamboo boosters for absorbency and eco credentials combined, or perhaps you’ll like our slim, sustainable Handy Hemp boosters the best.

Our Reusable Nappy Booster Pack

Our Super Selection contains:

5 x Cheeky Charcoal

3 x Brilliant Bamboo

2 x Handy Hemp