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Green Animals reusable cloth pocket nappy from our Green by Nature range.

Suitable for your bundle of fun from birth until potty (3kg – 15kg). The pocket in our reusable cloth nappies allows you to add extra inserts to boost absorbency as your child needs it and the carefully placed poppers mean you can ensure a good fit for your child as they grow.

Eco Pocket Nappies for Newborns to Potty

Our eco-friendly pocket nappies will fit your baby from birth until potty (3kg – 15kg). There’ll be plenty of opportunity for your little one to make a statement in this fully adjustable set of reusable nappies.

To adjust and change to your baby’s needs as they grow, simply add one or two of our inserts into the pocket when you need a little extra absorbency and use the selection poppers to get the right fit.

Don’t Forget to Add Pocket Nappy Boosters!

If you don’t already have boosters don’t forget to buy your eco friendly boosters to pop into the pocket nappy. From just £2 each.

You can choose from charcoal, bamboo or hemp inserts to boost the absorbency, increase dryness or give super slimline comfort – depending on what you and your baby needs. Find out more and browse our reusable nappy boosters.

New to reusable pocket nappies?

If you’re not sure where to start, why not try our extra value jumbo bundle starter pack to find the right system for you, or our simple starter pack to try a basic set up.