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Adult Eco Toothbrush

Product Code LIF5610
The Conscious Parent Company's rainbow bamboo toothbrush is a zero waste product, made from organic moso bamboo and recyclable eco nylon. Its bright rainbow bristles make brushing your teeth a little more enjoyable!


Our eco toothbrush is organic, zero waste and 100% recyclable. Bright rainbow bristles are perfect for teeth and gums! It’s the perfect everyday essential for adults and children alike. 
Good for you and good for the planet.
Made from organic moso bamboo and recyclable eco nylon, the eco toothbrush is a zero waste product!  You can even recycle the box it comes in, which is perfect for the environment. We also do a kids one here.
♥ Rainbow colour
♥ 17.5cm long
♥ Perfect for teeth and gums
♥ Zero waste
♥ Organic bamboo
Our Instagram is full of happy little ones and big ones loving their rainbow toothbrushes! So don’t forget to tag us in your toothbrush selfie. 
Get yours today. Be part of thousands of families switching to bamboo toothbrushes.

Why use bamboo?

30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of amounting to almost 1000 tons of landfill each year. Switching to bamboo will reduce the amount of plastic in landfill and in our oceans. So, recycle the toothbrush, compost the handle and remove the bristles with pliers. Pop the used bristles into your plastic recycling and that is it! 
Additionally, a lorry load of waste is dumped in our oceans every minute, which equates to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic a year! Such huge amounts of plastic are endangering the lives of millions of animals, polluting their eco system and food chain. Also, we understand that families cant be perfect. But, if we all started to make little changes to our habits with single use plastic, we can achieve incredible things for the planet
 Lastly, At conscious parent we want to give families the choice to play a little part in a massive change. For a better tomorrow for the ones we love today.