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Cheeky Charcoal Absorbent Nappy Booster Insert

Product Code LIF5211


The Conscious Parent Company’s super absorbent charcoal boosters are ideal for night times or heavy wetters.

What’s the charcoal insert made from?

Our charcoal layered inserts are made from microfibre, bamboo and clever charcoal, which is anti-bacterial and can help reduce acidity. This makes the charcoal boosters the perfect candidate for keeping the dreaded nappy rash at bay.

Ideal for: Nappy rash or sensitive skin

Do I need an insert?

Our reusable nappies are all lined with absorbent microfibre so they can be used alone. But when you need a little extra absorbency simply pop a booster into the pocket of one of our nappies and you’re good to go!

Boosters are ideal for night time or when your child gets a little older.

What Reusable Nappies will it Fit?

Our reusable nappy inserts are designed to fit The Conscious Parent reusable nappies. We have a range of eco-friendly cloth nappies all with modern designs – from our Pretty in Pink range, Baby Blue and Marvellous Monochrome.

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