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Brilliant Bamboo Absorbent Nappy Booster Insert

Product Code LIF5215


Our Brilliant Bamboo nappy boosters will quickly become your go to option.

Lightweight Absorbent Booster Insert

Slimline, lightweight and quick to absorb, these inserts will provide extra protection as your baby grows and those little trickles turn in to full on floods!

Ideal for: night times or heavy wetters.

Why a Bamboo Booster?

Bamboo is renowned for its absorbent qualities so it’s the perfect choice for when your baby needs that extra bit of protection and when you need that extra peace of mind.

Bamboo is also an incredibly sustainable material, giving you the best of both worlds. You can rest assured you’re making a great choice for you and the earth.

What Reusable Nappies will it Fit?

Our reusable nappy inserts are designed to fit The Conscious Parent reusable nappies. We have a range of eco-friendly cloth nappies all with modern designs – from our Pretty in Pink range, Baby Blue and Marvellous Monochrome.

See our full range of reusable nappies.