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Biodegradable Nappy Liners

Product Code LIF5231


A key part of The Conscious Parent All In One Pocket Nappy System is the biodegradable liner!

What’s So Great About These Eco Nappy Liners?

Well, without being too graphic it’s the supersoft layer that goes next to baby’s bum and catches anything (ahem) solid, meaning you can easily remove it and flush the lot. Liner and all!

We know you’ve got enough on your plate to be dealing with poo-y reusable liners.

How Do These Biodegradable Paper Nappy Liners Work?

Our biodegradable paper liners are strong enough to contain the offending item and get it to the toilet, but safe enough that they will break up and decompose when they go down.

In handy rolls of 100 they’re easy to store and take along wherever you go!