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Bambo nature baby wipes- Big Mess Bundle

Product Code LIF5502B
The Big Mess Baby Wipes Bundle contains ten packs of 80 Bambo Nature wet wipes - ideal if you cater for multiple baby bottoms in your home and perfect for the odd poonami.


These Bambo Nature Baby Wipes are ideal for sensitive baby skin. They can be used when changing nappies, as a napkin during mealtimes, or in any situation when you need a disposable cleaning wipe for your child.

10 packs of 80 wipes.

Fragrance-free, they are made from soft non-woven material with 100% new fibres. Comprising carefully chosen ingredients such as Allantoin to soothe baby skin and serve as an anti-inflammatory. You can rest assured that Bambo Nature wet wipes are designed with your baby’s health in mind.

What’s more, these multi award-winning baby wipes have won the Platinum Award for Best Eco-friendly Baby Wipes in the Loved By Parents Awards 2017. Also they have won the Gold Award and Consumer Choice Award in the 2017 Mumii Awards, and the Gold Award in the Gentle Parenting Awards 2017.

Here are just some of the reasons that they stood out from the competition:

  • Free from parabens or perfumes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Asthma-Allergy Denmark certification
  • Nordic Swan Eco-label accredited

In addition to being supplied as a pack of 80, we also supply a useful mini pack of 10 wipes, which is ideal for handbags, changing bags and even pockets. To buy the pack of 10 Bambo Nature Baby Wipes click here.

Bambo Nature Baby Wipes and the environment?

In addition to carrying out extensive research and development to ensure Bambo Baby Wipes are kind to your baby’s skin, Bambo also try to ensure that the manufacturing of its products is carried out with the environment in mind.

For example, their production facility recycles 95% of all production waste. The fluff in Bambo nappies is FSC certified, being sources from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled.

For this reason, Bambo Nature holds accreditations from many organisations focused on the environment. They include the Nordic Swan Eco-Label and the Ethical Consumer ‘Best Buy’ award.

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NB. Bambo Nature Baby Wipes are non-flushable