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She is my miracle IVF baby

IVF baby and her mum

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Trying for a baby can be well..trying. So many of our amazing families have had difficulty getting pregnant and the subject of IVF is sometimes hard to talk about. Imagine the emotional roller coaster Charlotte went on when she went through IVF, conceived, and then her little miracle was born at 35 weeks! We couldn’t imagine the what Charlotte and her husband went through, but we are incredibly delighted to share her story with you.

This is her story about her miracle IVF baby.

When my husband and I wanted a baby we thought it would of been simple but no this took months upon months of negative upon negative pregnancy tests. We were told our only option would be IVF.  This was really scary news.  I didn’t know what to expect at all.

Then came the constant injections, pain, tiredness, and running up and down to hospital. Finally we had some good news-  we were pregnant!  We were over the moon-  our dreams had finally come true. The pregnancy was not easy, however.  I kept having to go to hospital due to me having 2 wombs. It was impossible to see the baby fully.

At 31 weeks I was in hospital three times a week, and then found out our baby had stopped growing. It was such a anxious time in our lives. They demanded a C-section with the baby being breech at 35 weeks. I was terrified. I wasn’t prepared for her going into NICU, and spent a lot of time worrying about if our little IVF baby would be okay. Finally we had our little girl, born 4lb 11oz. She was absolutely perfect.IVF baby premature

‘then all of a sudden I had to say goodbye to her’

I held her for 3 hours then her temperature was dropping, her blood sugars where dropping,  then all of a sudden I had to say goodbye to her. She had to be taken into NICU, and I couldn’t get to see her as I was just out of surgery.

You cant imagine the worry and stress we went through! Thankfully that evening I got to see her in a wheelchair.  I just lost it. Seeing her full of wires, my heart just sank. I bust into tears. She spent 12 days in intensive care after that.

Bringing a premature (preemie) baby home was frightening being a first time mum! The first 2 weeks were a real challenge, as any vomit or any extensive crying triggered me- I felt she was going to die. I felt so lonely,  I couldn’t complain or ask for help as she is my miracle IVF baby- I should be grateful I even have her at all.

After about 2 months things got better.  I started feeling more confident I started understanding her cries- what each one meant and what to do. Her weight started to gain so fast after that she went from being born on the 5th percentile to now being in the 50-75th percentile. She is thriving.

We are just turned 6 months still thriving sleeping all through the night and I feel much happier and much more confident. We love our little miracle beyond words. Our journey was not easy, but it was so worth it.

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