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Making baby bath time extra special

March 14, 2019

When it comes to baby bath time it's not always going to be bubbles and giggles. Whilst some babies take to water like they were born to it, others will be more uncertain about being lowered into a splashy, wet environment out of mummy or daddy’s arms.

So what can you do to make them feel more reassured?

Here we look at a few tips for calming them down and helping them to enjoy their baby bath time.


  • Get the water temperature right

We know ourselves that we don’t like getting into a bath that feels chilly or uncomfortably hot and the same goes for your baby.

For this reason, the NHS suggests that you make sure the water is warm, rather than hot, by checking it with your wrist or elbow and mixing it well so there are no hot areas. Essentially, you are looking for the bathwater to be at body temperature, so it should neither feel hot nor cold.

Baby bath time water temperature
  • Create a baby-sized tub

A small baby might feel overwhelmed by being placed in a large family bath, so consider tailoring the tub to a more suitable size with a bathwater barrier. By using the barrier to seal off a section of your bath, you can create a smaller, more controlled area for bathing your baby.

You can also fill this area to a low water level to ensure your baby doesn’t feel too submerged or keep your baby in a cradle, if they feel more secure this way. By leaving an area of the family bath free of water, you can also kneel in the bath and get closer to your baby as the bathe.


  • Jump in too

If your baby still seems fretful, hold off on the bathwater barrier idea for a while and get in the bath with your baby. With plenty of skin contact and cuddles, this will be a lovely bonding experience and will help reassure your little one while they get used to the water. Just remember to take care not to slip when getting in and out of the bath with your baby.

Tailoring your bath to suit your baby
  • Avoid irritating products

Nothing is as likely to make bath time seem unpleasant as getting stinging products in your eyes or coming out with very dry, itchy skin.

Babies in particular have very delicate skin, so need products that are much gentler and less searching. For this reason, you should use baby wash and bubble bath that is specifically designed for little ones. In particular, check that it is organic, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and nourishing for baby skin. It should also have a no-sting formula, which will make it kind to baby eyes.


  • Focus on fun

Sometimes the only thing that baby needs for reassurance is for you to start playing. Distracting them with toys, singing and giggling subliminally tells a baby that they are in a safe environment, so do not need to worry anymore.

There are some amazing baby bath toys available for playing, learning and storytelling, all of which can help you to turn bath time fears into bath time fun.

Hopefully, the above tips will help your baby enjoy their bath time, but if you want more basic tips on how to bathe your baby just click hereIf you are interested in finding baby-friendly bathing toiletries just visit the skincare section on our website, or for an effective bathwater barrier just click here


Use bath products to suit your baby's delicate skin