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Make bathing twins twice as lovely

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Tips for bathing twins with minimum stressBathing twins can be a wonderful experience for both you and your babies, giving you the chance to bond and helping your little ones relax before bedtime.

But how can you keep bath time mellow with two precious little ones to bathe? The key is to minimise the stress and maximise the fun. Here are just a few tips that can help:

1. Put a plug in panic

Ever had a stressful moment when you realised you had put your babies in the bath but their hair and body wash is on the other side of the room? To avoid this, just make sure you forward plan and gather everything together that you need to bathe them properly.

From wash cloths and shampoo to toys and towels, get it all in the right place and you can focus all your attention on bathing your babies with ease.

2. Dip into your support network

You have two babies to bathe, not one, so unless you have developed a spare pair of hands don’t put pressure on yourself to do it alone. Try and make sure that your spouse, friend or another family member is around at bath time. Then you can either bathe one baby apiece or they can help you by passing you shampoo, towels, drying baby, etc.

When it comes to bathing twins, the old adage ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is definitely true!

3. Tap into bath accessories

Bath accessories are specifically designed to make bathing easier and more pleasurable. So break out the baby bathing seats to support your twins and leave your hands free to wash them down. Or make running the bath quicker and less wasteful by opting for a BabyDam bathwater barrier.

Also, don’t forget to use the shower head to rinse your twins down if that makes life easier and remember to get the changing station ready to dry them off ready for bed.

4. Drip baby bath time

Still struggling to bathe both babies together? Fortunately, there is no rule saying you have to bathe both of your babies on the same evening. Just rotate their bath times so you can spend quality time bathing each of them, while keeping the other one safe nearby.


bath toys for babies5. Make a splash with toys

Whether you are bathing your babies separately or together remember to have some fun!

From rubber ducks to pouring buckets, squirty toys to stick-on foam letters, bath time is a wonderful opportunity to entertain and teach your twins.

We hope that the above tips will be of use when bathing twins.

If you want advice on how to bathe a baby in general then just click here for advice. You can also click here for more hints on how to make baby bath time extra special.



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