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Keeping your toddler entertained at Christmas

December 4, 2018

Christmas can be a magical time for toddlers. Even if they don’t yet understand Father Christmas, a home full of glittering decorations, sparkling lights and snow at the windows, is bound to fill them with fascination and delight.

For older toddlers, there is also a wealth of opportunities to get involved in Christmas crafts, helping you to prepare for the big day, whilst also ensuring some magical times together. Here are just five ideas for Christmas crafts your toddler will enjoy:

  1. Glitter stars for the Christmas tree

Don’t just ask your toddler to help you decorate your Christmas tree. Go one step further and get them to help you make some decorations for it. Just cut some star shapes out of thick card, punch a hole at the top of each star and cover both sides in glue.

Then it’s time to let your toddler have all the fun as you help them to cover the stars in glitter. Once the stars have dried, you can push a ribbon through each hole and hang your dazzling decorations as directed by your ‘little foreman’.

2. Home-made Christmas cards for family and friends

Do you need to send out lots of cards this Christmas? Why not send something more personal by hand-crafting cards with the help of your little one? From adding glitter or festive-themed stickers, to drawing their own version of a Christmas tree, there are endless ideas for how your toddler can add their own special touch to each Christmas message. Click here for some great hand-crafted card ideas.

3. Home-printed Christmas wrapping paper

Of course, we all know that Santa brings presents for children, but as you’ll need to wrap gifts for other adults, your little one can help you create some fabulous wrapping paper designs. Just get some plain wrapping paper, cut out some sponges or potatoes to create stamps in the shape of stars, Christmas trees or snowmen, then let your little one loose with the stamps and paint. Or if your toddler prefers, get the crayons out and let them draw a festive design on the gift wrap. Either way, your family will love the paper so much that they’ll definitely try not to rip it off the presents this year!

4. Gingerbread Christmas trees and snowmen

Baking is another great way to spend time with your toddler, albeit when your baked treats have cooled from the oven and it’s time to decorate!
Using festive cookie cutters, cut out shapes such as Christmas trees and snowmen, bake them as advised, then let your little one have fun adding icing with the icing set. The baubles on the trees might end up a bit splodgy and the smile on the snowman might be a little wonky, but they’ll be all the more endearing as the creation of your very own little Picasso.

5. Hand-made Christmas stockings

Something your toddler will love – especially if they are old enough to understand Santa bringing Christmas presents – is making their very own Christmas stocking to hang up on a hearth or at the end of their bed. Pick some colourful felt in contrasting colours, one for the stocking and one for the shapes you want to stick onto the stocking.

Once you have sewn the stocking shape together and cut out stars or snowflakes in a contrasting colour, you can help your toddler to stick the shapes on where they want to. Then they will have a very special stocking for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve!

More kids crafting ideas for Xmas

Of course, these are just a few ideas for keeping your toddler entertained this Christmas and there are plenty of other Christmas crafts that you can enjoy with your little one.

Just remember to keep them safe around scissors and any craft materials that could be a choke hazard.

With your little one’s special touch on everything from baubles to biscuits, your home is sure to feel extra magical this Christmas.