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Introducing Our Conscious Parent Company Reusable Nappies

Jumbo bundle

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Introducing Our Conscious Parent Company Reusable Nappies

We’re delighted to FINALLY announce that we have launched our own reusable nappy range.

The all in one pocket nappy system is simple and straightforward, because you’ve got enough on your plate!

We’ve got four funky sets to get you started; Marvellous Monochrome, Pretty in Pink and Baby Blue.

Team these with our range of Brilliant Bamboo, Cheeky Charcoal and Handy Hemp boosters and you’re good to go!

What’s in it for you? (Other than the coolest kid on the block?)

When you make the switch to Conscious Parent Company reuasables you’re making an informed decision to be kinder to the planet.

Our nappies are:

  • Made from fabrics from renewable sources (bamboo, hemp, etc).
  • Packaged in recyclable polypropylene, polyvinyl and recycled paper.
  • Reduce landfill be approx. 5000 nappies through your baby’s infancy.
  • Help to cut down on single use plastic.
  • Help to cut down on deforestation for the pulp used in disposables.

What’s more our individual nappies start at just £11, and with free delivery on ALL items in our new range they’re the best value reusables on the market!

Why not try them for yourself?


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