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Eco Friendly Party Bag Ideas for Kids’ Parties

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The party bag is one of the best things about a children’s birthday party. It means that the fun doesn’t have to stop once the party ends. Instead, you get a goody bag full of cake, sweets and toys to take home with you!

But these days, many of us are thinking about the impact we have on the world. And children’s party bags might not be that bad for the environment when compared to, say, a coal power plant. But all the same, they might serve to introduce more plastic into the world. And the last thing the world needs is more plastic!

Some plastic products can take 500 years to decompose. So the best way to make a party bag more eco-friendly is through avoiding plastic as much as you can.

But can an eco-friendly party bag still be fun? We think they can. Let us show you how.

How to Make an Eco Friendly Party Bag

So what could you make a party bag out of if not plastic? Paper, of course! Plenty of companies now specialise in eco party bags. You also want to make sure that whatever you’re filling your party bags with are also plastic-free, recyclable, reusable and celebrate the beauty of the world we live in.

The Best Eco Friendly Party Bags

To avoid the plastic party bags destined for landfill, you might want to try to seek out alternative materials. Paper bags are available in all shapes and sizes, as well as canvas and cotton bags for a more durable or reusable option.

The Original Party Bag Company, for example, has a huge selection of eco party bags to suit every age, taste and occasion.

For larger parties, you can get candy stripe bags in a range of colours for as little as £1 for a pack of 20. For smaller gatherings, they have delightful bunny party bags – which would also be great for an Easter party!

Don’t like paper? No problem. They also do colourful canvas bags. And some of their eco party bags also work as activities in themselves. They have colour-in party bags with a choice of designs including butterflies, dinosaurs, dogs, and ponies.

Eco Party Bag is another company specialising in more sustainable party supplies.

Don’t Have Time to Make Your Own Party Bags? No problem!

As well as stocking all the bags and supplies you might need, Eco Party Bag also sell amazing environmentally friendly pre-made party bags.

Eco Party Bag Filler Ideas

So if the bag itself is made from sustainable materials, then you’re already well on your way to creating an eco-friendly party bag for your child’s party. But as the old saying goes: It’s what’s inside that counts.

So what can you put inside a child’s party bag to keep things green?

The Curious Caterpillar has a huge range of eco-friendly party bag fillers. But here are some more ideas:

Tell Us About Your Eco-Friendly Children’s Party!

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