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Laid-Back Breastfeeding position – How-To Guide

In this post, we’ll discuss laid-back breastfeeding and the benefits to using this position even in the weeks and months following birth. What is Laid-Back Breastfeeding? Laid-back breastfeeding, also known as biological nursing, involves feeding as you lie back in a semi-reclined position. It’s a comfortable position for both you and your baby, and one […]

How to Combine Breastfeeding and Pumping

breastfeeding and breast pump

If you want to combine breastfeeding and pumping, your biggest challenge will be to find a schedule that works for both you and your baby. In this post we’ll discuss why you might want to combine breastfeeding and pumping and share some tips for how to get started. Is It OK To Mix Breastfeeding and […]

How Long Do You Bleed After Birth?

Set of 4 orange daisies reusable cloth sanitary pads

After you give birth, it can take a while for your periods to start again. But even before you return to your monthly cycle, all new mums experience vaginal bleeding after giving birth. This is a common and temporary condition known as postpartum bleeding, or lochia. In this post we’ll discuss how long you might […]

When Do Periods Start Again After Giving Birth?

Set of 4 daisies on black reusable cloth sanitary pads

Every woman’s different, and when you’ll start your periods again and what they will be like largely depends on how you choose to feed your baby. Prolactin, the hormone that encourages your body to make breastmilk, can interfere with the hormones that control your periods. When Will My Periods Start Again After Giving Birth? If […]

Sanitary Pad Allergy – Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Some women are allergic to certain sanitary pads. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the possible causes of these allergies, and some of the symptoms you should look out for. We’ll then explore some things you can try if you think you might have a sanitary pad allergy. What Causes Sanitary Pad Allergies? Most […]

Are Pads Better Than Tampons? Pros and Cons

Pads or tampons – which is best? Really, the best option for you is the one that you find most comfortable and most effective. So in this post we’ll look at the pros and cons of each. Remember: The best period care product for you will depend on your personal preferences, your lifestyle, and the […]

Why Does My Other Breast Leak While Breastfeeding?

It’s very common for breasts to leak milk in the weeks following childbirth. But you might find leaking breasts to be uncomfortable, and maybe even a little embarrassing. So in this blog we’ll explain why your breasts might leak, and explore some things you can do to manage the situation. What Causes Leaking Breasts? Leaking […]

How To Wash Reusable Sanitary Pads

Set of 4 orange daisies reusable cloth sanitary pads

If you’ve never used reusable sanitary pads before, then you’re probably wondering how to wash them. In this post we’ll explain how to wash, dry, and store your reusable sanitary pads to keep them as clean, effective and comfortable as possible. How to Wash Your Reusable Sanitary Pads Wash your reusable sanitary pads at 40°C, […]