Why is Asthma Worse at Night and How To Stop Coughing

If you or your children have asthma, you’ve probably noticed that your symptoms can be worse at night. This is an essential guide to managing your asthma at night, or for helping your children to sleep better. Important Note: Asthma UK advises that night-time asthma is a sign that your asthma isn’t under control. This […]

How Does a HEPA Filter Work?

Through improving the quality of air in a room, air purifiers can help you manage asthma and pet allergies, and they can help you sleep better if you suffer from hayfever. And all of these benefits are largely thanks to the air purifier’s HEPA filter. HEPA filters are very effective. Up to 99.97% effective, in […]

How To Sleep With Hayfever – Tips For Allergies at Night

Hayfever can be a nuisance during the day. But at night, as it makes it harder to get to sleep, it can be a nightmare. In this post we’ll discuss how to sleep with hayfever, while discussing some other tips for allergies at night. Whether it’s you or your children that suffer from hayfever and […]

Do Air Purifiers Work & Are They Worth It?

In recent years, many people have started to recognise the importance of air quality. As a result, growing numbers of people have started buying air purifiers for the home. But do air purifiers work? Do they make enough of a difference to make it worth buying one? This is your essential guide to air purifiers. […]

How Does Air Pollution and Air Quality Affect Asthma?

Asthma attacks are often triggered by small particles in the air, such as pollen, mould spores, and dust mites. Can Air Pollution Trigger Asthma Attacks? Air pollution levels can also trigger asthma attacks. Or if they don’t trigger an attack directly, they can make you more sensitive to your usual triggers. If you or your […]

Is My Baby Allergic to Cats?

Does your baby seem sniffly when your cat’s around? Then you might be wondering if they they’re allergic to your cat. In this post we’ll explain how cat allergies work with babies, before exploring some things you can try to solve the issue. Can Babies Be Allergic to Cats? Yes, babies can be allergic to […]