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7 magical ideas for your Christmas baby shower

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Carpets of baby-soft snow hushing the world outside, sparkling stars hanging in the sky like a mesmerising mobile, cherub decorations smiling from the Christmas tree: when you think about it, Christmas is a magical time to hold a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby.

So whether you are organising it yourself, or a family member or friend is doing the honours for you, here are 7 tips for sprinkling magic fairy dust on your festive baby shower:

1. Get creative with stunning baby shower invitations

A Christmas-themed baby shower gives you the perfect opportunity to post out gorgeous invitations.

Use calligraphy to create beautifully handwritten envelopes and invitations in silver or gold pen. Stamp a picture of a cherub with a trumpet on the back of the email with a rubber stamp and put a sprinkling of glitter in each envelope.

That way you can make sure your guests are instantly immersed in your sparkly Christmas theme.

2. Give your guests a helping hand with gifts

Your baby shower invitation is the ideal place to make gift suggestions. You could just mention a few baby shops or websites that you love or you could include a list of specific things that you would like.

This can include gorgeous gifts like organic baby skincare, personalised keepsake frames and soft toys, as well as more practical gifts like nappies, nappy cakes and baby clothes.

3. Deck your Christmas tree with baby baubles

On the day of the baby shower, you can make a great feature of your Christmas tree in the party room.

Hang teethers, dummys and baby booties on the tree using pretty ribbons that match your chosen colour scheme for the event.

Of course, you can still keep some sparkling baubles and Christmas lights on the tree for maximum sparkle, but they’ll look great mixed with cherub and elf decorations, baby mittens, tiny soft toys and other pieces that pick up on the baby shower theme.

4. Give the whole room a mum-to-be party makeover

Your Christmas tree can make a fabulous focal point, but don’t forget the room.

Decorating the whole of the baby shower room can turn it into a cocoon of Christmassy baby shower joy!

Create bunting to hang around the walls made from clothes lines pegged up with colourful dribble mats. Make up pretty paper snowflakes to hang from the ceiling in an unused corner of the room and don’t forget the candles.

Their soft flickering lights and seasonal scents of cinnamon, orange and cloves will immerse you and your guests in a truly festive atmosphere.

5. Pick games for festive baby shower fun

Make sure that your guests have a great time by coming up with some games that everyone can enjoy. Baby Bingo or Word Scramble using baby-related words are games that tend to get everyone’s competitive spirit going.

You could also tailor a game to your specific guests with something like a ‘Would I Lie to You?’ game. In this, each guest makes a statement about something they have done in the past and the other guests asks questions to try and work if they are telling the truth or not. Splitting your guests into competing teams can make this even more fun.

Just don’t forget the prize for the winner and remember to make sure it is sharable if it’s a team effort.

6. Lay on a stunning baby shower spread

If you’re putting on food for your guests, make sure to have fun with that too!

For example, with a sit-down meal you could use baby blocks as place card holders and have some personalised baby shower napkins to tie in with your colour scheme and Christmas theme.

Of course, a buffet can be just as nice and presents a great opportunity to create a whole display of food co-ordinated to your baby shower colour scheme. You can also add scatterings of décor such as baubles and dress the table with flowers and balloons for maximum impact.

7. Say ‘Thank You’ with gorgeous goody bags

A great way to show that you appreciate your friends and family coming to your baby shower is to hand out personalised goody bags at the end of your party. There are loads of lovely gifts that you can add to your goody bags such as chocolate bars, jars of sweets, soaps and much more, all personalised to your baby shower.

That said, it can be really nice to add something that is tailored to each guest to show that you really appreciate their support. Whether that is a luxury candle celebrating your friendship or a little piece of jewellery that you know they’ll love, it will go a long way toward thanking your guest for making your baby shower a truly memorable event.

Enjoy your Christmas baby shower

Hopefully, the above tips will give you some good pointers for planning the Christmas baby shower of your dreams, as well as helping to prompt some of your own ideas.

Remember to start planning in good time and to send out invitations early to give anyone invited plenty of time to get it in their diary and buy your baby shower gift.

Then all you’ll have to do on the day is have fun and enjoy the magic!

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