Mummy Bundle and Baby Box

Arvossa Mummy Bundle & Baby Box

Product Code LIF5602

Our Arvossa Mummy Bundle and Baby Box is packed with a range of innovative and award-winning products to help mum get the most from her ‘new mummy’ journey – and there’s even some chocolates!



Product Description

Packed with award-winning new mum products, an expert baby book and scrumptious chocolates – what better gift to give to a marvellous new mummy? Supplied with a charming baby box rigorously tested for safety, the Arvossa Mummy Bundle contains:

  • My Expert Midwife award-winning Spritz for Bits spray
  • An award-winning breastfeeding top from BShirt (you select your size)
  • Lansinoh Therapearl, a hot and cold breast therapy gel pack
  • ‘The Blissful Baby Expert’ book by Lisa Clegg
  • Hotel Chocolat gift box

When your baby grows out of the baby box at around six months’ old, you can easily remove the mattress to convert your precious Baby Box into the perfect place to keep those precious baby mementos.

That said, the box is made from fully recyclable cardboard, so if mum does decide that she doesn’t want to keep the box, she can rest assured that it won’t go into landfill, unlike a moses basket. What’s more, even the ink used in the print on the box is fully certified as toy grade, making it safe around babies and older children.

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