Baby Shower Bundle and Baby Box

Arvossa Baby Shower Bundle & Baby Box

Product Code LIF5604

The perfect baby shower gift for your pregnant friend or loved one, the Arvossa Baby Shower Bundle and Baby Box contains a wide range of charming and handy gifts for newborn babies.


Product Description

Looking for a range of useful, charming and gentle baby shower gifts for a friend or loved one? Supplied with a colourful baby box rigorously tested for safety, the Arvossa Baby Shower Bundle contains:

  • Kind and gentle baby hair and body wash
  • Eco-friendly nappies and wipes
  • Clothing gift set including sleepsuit, vest, hat, mittens and bib
  • Baby milestone cards for those cute first pictures
  • Munchkin Nappy Change Organiser
  • Soft and gentle comforter
  • Baby feed wheel to keep track of baby feed timings
  • Blissful baby expert book

When your little one outgrows their baby box at around six months, you can just remove the mattress to convert your Baby Box into the perfect place to keep those adorable baby mementos.

That said, the box is made from fully recyclable cardboard, so if mum doesn’t want to keep the box, she can rest assured that it won’t go into landfill, unlike a moses basket. What’s more, even the ink used in the print on the box is fully certified as toy grade, making it safe around babies and older children.

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